April 2016:

10th April 2016: I drove 160 miles up to Motorsave Direct in Crewe and back to look at my new car, a 2012 Ford Fiesta Zetec S in Frozen White.

This is how it looked in the showroom.

2016-04-10 13.08.45


16th April 2016: Today I paid the £7739 and brought it home.


2016-04-16 20.26.57


17th April 2016: My first mod was to change all of the interior lights to LED’s. I fitted 20 SMD white LED’s to the front and rear interior lights and the boot light. While fitting these I noticed there was empty bulb holders in the footwells.


2016-04-17 11.10.25


So I fitted a bulb, and it worked!


2016-04-17 11.14.45


Before changing the interior lights:


2016-04-16 20.27.29


And after:


2016-04-17 20.30.51


20th April 2016: 

Next I changed all of the bulbs in the front of the car. Phillips silvervision indicators, Whitevision dipped and full beam, and Bluevision sidelights.




2016-04-20 13.13.55




2016-04-20 15.11.10


The Phillips Bluevision sidelights on:


2016-04-29 23.35.02


27th April 2016: 

I bought some mist washer jets.




I fitted some genuine Fiesta scuff plates as my door sills has some scuffs on them, looks much better.


2016-04-27 13.22.42


I then de-tangoed the side repeaters and the rear lights.


2016-04-27 15.23.36


2016-04-27 16.04.00


2016-04-27 16.21.35


2016-04-27 16.46.39


29th April 2016: 

The side panel on the right hand side of the boot had a small hole in it.


2016-04-29 20.42.37



So I fitted a new one.


2016-04-29 21.23.10

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