Benny’s Life – Episode Nine: Why Did The Church Catch Anorexia?

Benny wanted to fly to the purple maracas inhabited within the liver of the old Safeway’s manager. However, she was countered by a sorcery which cost 49 mana. The thought of a deck having 49 land made Benny’s lava lamp consume the world eleventy times in the name of east Pluto. Penguin then made a cameo before getting shot for breaching her contract, so Benny painted the graveyard where Margaret Thatcher got tangoed, then slaughtered by a melting Llama on radio FM.

Waiting for the plot twist only felt the strawberry of yore rise to see the seven dwarfs eat Pinocchio on a cold, wet dustbin lid named Steve. Gnomes and trolls went shopping for the charity of moaners and monsters in west England displaying concrete signposts telling vehicles to drive over the planes which deliver pancakes to “Yes, Dale”. It then became illegal for jigsaw puzzles to have more than three pieces and be solved by Cthulhu or his pet afro.

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